National Time Systems has been proudly serving businesses across North America  since 1976.  We got our start providing expert service for manual and electric time clocks primarily in the South New Jersey and Atlantic city areas.

Recognizing the need to bring a better balance of analytical and technical tools to more effectively manage labor, National Time Systems  moved  on to the next generation of computer-based time and attendance software. Working as a Value-Added Reseller for InfoTronics, Inc. and Attendance on Demand, Inc. since 1992, National Time is an award-winning reseller consistently recognized for solution and service excellence by these companies.

Cloud and License Solutions

Today National Time Systems provides both license-based, on-premise solutions and Cloud-based, subscription solutions for workforce management. Customers also benefit from high quality time clocks, web punching, mobile, and telephone time tracking systems for maximum flexibility in capturing employee time and attendance.

Strong Leadership and Company Values

National Time Systems provides high quality services through its customer-service culture, expertise-based staff, and solid strategic integration partnerships. Today, second-generation leadership steers the company with a core focus on providing real value to its customers. The CIO, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Office and Accounting Manager are all members of the founding family.