Use our secure Customer Portal to access key analytics, process payroll, and review and update employee-related employment information. Powerful security measures protect your data while at the same time provide access to the key business insights you need.

The Customer Portal modernizes your organization’s approach to metrics and analytics.  Gain visibility into processes to optimize your workforce management strategy and simplify payroll and reporting.


Ask any payroll manager. Getting payroll ready for processing rarely goes smoothly. Our workforce management solution streamlines the end of the pay period with laser focus into the department and employees with time card issues.

Payroll managers spend minutes rather than hours fixing issues. PTO balances are available at a glance. Pay data is accurate and ready for export into payroll services or programs.

Employee Demographic

One small change to employee information can have a huge impact. Ensure that your organization effectively protects and manages employee demographic information across all the HCM systems that rely on it.

Align employee demographic information once and for all with our Customer Portal. Log in, make your changes and let our system take care of dispersing the information to your HCM systems.


With so much data produced by various systems, it's a challenge for managers and executives to know where to focus their attention.  The Customer Portal makes that easy for you.  Together, we decide the:

  • Metrics that support decision-making in your organization
  • Opportunities to automate and streamline existing data collection
  • Strategic monitoring and reporting of additional workforce data

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